Monday, July 29, 2013

Of course I'll draw your family...if you leave

Family portraits / caricatures are one of the most fun things I get to do for my friends from time to time.  They're always so appreciative and gracious.  The only bad thing is that I find that they are often occasioned by the family's departure from our lives. 

Such is the case with my buddies from church, the Livings family.  George is probably one of the most creative writers I've ever known and he's been on staff in our music department for several years now.  I credit him with re-igniting a passion in me to bring artistic excellence to the church in any area I can.  To credit his immense creative contributions to mere talent would be to diminish the sheer amount of hard work he puts in to writing, composing, and directing the multiple musical performances at our church each year (along with the other extremely creative and talented members of our staff as well, of course). 

His wife as well has shown that yes, Baptists CAN DANCE IN CHURCH...and dance well at that!  We'll miss them greatly at First Orlando, but it's my hope that God blesses their efforts at their new home church in Staten Island, NY.

Best of luck, guys!

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