Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Eyes Have It

Former House Speaker Nancy staring through my skull.  I never had an irrational fear of clowns before, but I think I have a perfectly rational fear of them now.  That's a LOT of makeup, friends.

Ok, in all seriousness, this was actually pretty fun.  Older folks are always fun to draw and for some reason, old politicians are even more fun.  I think it's because you can't separate their personalities from their looks.  Being in the public EYE...yikes, I did it again...stop staring...anyway, being in the public VIEW, I imagine that the more extreme the personality, the more it manifests itself outwardly in their appearance.  

In complete fairness, Ms. Pelosi is not an unattractive person.  But, as my Mom always said "beauty is as beauty does".  And if what you do defines your beauty, then I think I'm justified in saying that Ms. Pelosi has looks that could kill.  

Now stop staring at me...

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