Tuesday, November 29, 2011


This is part of what I hope to be a recurring theme on the blog...a "SKETCH OFF" between some buddies to stay inspired.  Back in a previous life, we were members of a site called "Drawergeeks".  The premise was to have a topic every two weeks at the end of which would feature a gallery of sketches and doodles from some really talented folks who'd been invited to participate.  Life, as is its way, took many of us in different directions, and the site eventually retired.  But I loved the idea of a broad topic with a tight time constraint.  

So, today's topic was "retirement".  We had to start and finish the sketch over our lunch break and have it posted before 1:30.  As my lunch break is now over, I present to you all my doodle.

God bless!
By the way...check out my friend, Nelson Gonzalez' piece here.

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