Thursday, March 31, 2011

O Face Pt 2...With Video!

So, just another pre-work doodle to get the ol' muscles limbered up for a big day of well...not drawing. But, that's ok, it was still a great day.
I uploaded my process to youtube in case anyone is interested in seeing how a sketch like this takes shape. They're really rough of course, but hopefully it'll give you an idea of how I approach these types of things. Pretty much everything I do starts out scribbly then gets refined little by little.
You can't imagine how many years it's taken to get me to loosen up this much, but all I can say is that my art school teachers would be very proud.
(For those who know what I mean, I used nothing but a 2H pencil and plate bristol for my first 2 years of school).
Thanks, Mr. Drummond, for breaking me of that!
Enjoy everyone :)

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