Friday, August 14, 2009

Sketchbook Pro

Just one of my doodles from this past week of trying out the program "Sketchbook Pro" from Autodesk.  We had some guys come in to help us move the office and after seeing some of the caricatures hanging around, they volunteered to be my guinea pig over lunch.  Good sports!  I gotta say that there's some good stuff and some stuff I'm still trying to figure out about this program.  One of my big reasons for using Painter 10 was the ability to spin the canvas, but truthfully, there are so many quirks about Painter that I've almost abandoned it lately.   It is a bit of a resource hog and truthfully, I've only been using it to sketch in, then sending the sketch to Photoshop for the final painting.  
So, when I started working with Sketchbook, I found that it sketches every bit as well as Painter, can spin just as easily, can export as a PSD, and is quite a bit less demanding on my system compared to Painter.  I am, however, still not as fast with using the tools in Sketchbook as I am in Painter, but I must say that it does seem to have a pretty promising balance of power and usability.  More to come, I still have 12 days left on my free trial.

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